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Bluetooth Multimeter ZT300AB: 3 identities,3 Innovations

It is a newly released multimeter from ZOYI which reflects the innovation and culture of ZOYI. Its overall appearance is light black, but its function is attractive.
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With the proper size of the body, 6000 counts of the high-precision display, large capacitance measurement, and under the condition of 10A high current measurable conditions, it still retains a small current measurement of 0.1μA, including temperature and NCV, are also its functions. It also has 6 buttons at the same time, which can be used to switch the range, record the size value, Relative value test, Bluetooth function, HOLD, and frequency measurement.

It is also a smart multimeter.

People who have watched ZOYI’s first new product release conference should know that as early as 2006, the founder of ZOYI, Mr. Li Hong, designed and developed the smart multimeter NB201. After more than ten years of development and optimization, ZOYI also has a new understanding of smart multimeters, we agreed that smart multimeters will greatly improve the efficiency of measurement and make it easier and faster. With the efforts of ZOYI engineers, we integrated the concept of smart meters into the ZT-300AB and designed an AUTO function that can intelligently identify voltage, resistance, and continuity measurements. In basic measurements, we don’t need to shift functions, it’s smart.

It’s still a Bluetooth multimeter. In fact, ZT-300AB’s own functions are very professional and completed, but we can tell you without exaggeration: “This is just the tip of the iceberg of its powerful functions.” Because ZT-300AB also has one of the most important identities. It is also a Bluetooth multimeter. It is the first multimeter of ZOYI which can perfectly link with the e-Bull 1.0.

The e-Bull APP can be connected with a Bluetooth multimeter. It is a social APP combining multimeter functions to provide customers with more effective multimeter measurement; industry communication platform; basic knowledge popularization and other services.
1. Bluetooth connection: mobile can directly control the multimeter 2. More measurement data applications: data recording, data graphics, data sharing, data storage and export, threshold alarm 3. Multi-meter collaboration: APP can connect four Bluetooth multimeters, Simultaneously monitor the measurement data of four multimeters in real-time 4. Intelligent calculation function: use multimeter data to quickly calculate power and other mathematical formulas 5. Remote assistance: real-time remote screen synchronization, no distance communication, real-time monitoring at an ultra-long distance, Five categories of multimeter user communication platform: home appliance repair, electrical knowledge, circuit synthesis, Q & A section, enthusiast discussion 7. Official multimeter knowledge video.  video contains multimeter basic knowledge, multimeter user safety guide, multimeter common problems.

ZT-300AB is currently the most cost-effective Bluetooth multimeter by ZOYI. We have been focusing on solving user pain points and making measurement more efficient. This is a powerful, beautiful and strong-function Bluetooth multimeter ZT-300AB. Do you like it?

 * Disclaimer: Please purchase at a store or dealer legally authorized by ZOYI.

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