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Want to distribute or wholesale digital multimeters? This ultimate solution guide will provide you with everything there is to know about manufacturing, distributing, and wholesaling digital multimeters.


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What is the Manufacturing Process of Digital Multimeters?

Comparison and Discussion

Most of the time, we have our own rhythm for designing each product. Our entire team, including our sales, engineering department, and marketing departments, will be involved in the development of the product. We will listen to users’ opinions and design better products from the perspective of helping users to solve their needs, and more affordable prices. Afterward, we will discuss and finalize the product plan; this includes making a decision about what features we need for that particular product and what the approximate price range will be.

Appearance and PCB Design

After the solution is finalized, our engineer department will put together the exterior design and PCB circuit design. This stage is often a very important part of the process. But we have nearly 40 years of design and development experience, we can avoid many problems when we do PCB planning. At the same time, since the appearance of the product needs to be considered throughout, we will ensure that the end design is beautiful with functioning elements. After all, although the digital multimeter is an industrial product, our products are always aesthetically pleasing.

Sampling and Updating

After we design the appearance cover and PCB board, we will use 3D printing technology to create a sample. Then, the PCB will also be prototyped. Once the prototype is complete, we will assemble all the parts in order to frequently test the appearance and function of the product. We will do this over and over until we achieve the perfect product in our mind.

3d printer for multimeter
Making Molds and Test

During the entire  product development process, designing and making abrasives costs the most. Our average cost of designing a set of abrasives is around USD25,000- 60,000. For this reason, we will be extra careful while working with abrasives. We also take the longest time opening molds, which takes one month on average. But as we know in the market, we are one of the fastest factory to make molds. When we finish the grinding tool, we also build a batch of samples for assembly, and if we find something that needs to be modified, we will fix it as fast as possible.

SMT and Bolding

After completing the PCB circuit, we must bond and mounter the empty PCB board. That is, we need to paste all the raw materials of the parts onto the PCB board, which is faster and more accurate than manual mounter. Here, we will use some high-end equipment, such as a high-speed placement machine and bonding machine. Our machines are imported from Japan. On average, we can bond 5,000-10,000 pieces of empty PCB boards a day.

Purchasing all Accessories

Simultaneously, we will purchase all the accessories, such as LCDs, wires, test leads, stickers, batteries, solders, and so on (dozens of raw materials), and have them delivered to the warehouse. We do incoming inspections before all the parts enter the factory, which will be described in detail in the Quality Control section.

Soldering Accessories

After we receive all the housings, PCBs, and accessories, we start from the soldering line. We will use the manual soldering method to solder the parts that can’t be placed by the mounter machine.

Assembling Accessories

After we finish soldering, we move on to the assembly process. This is where we assemble the purchased LCDs, cables, buttons, and stickers and put together a semi-finished product.

Calibrating the Accuracy

We produce digital multimeters, if the accuracy of an individual digital multimeter does not meet the measurement requirements, then that multimeter is useless. So, the accuracy of the debugging is a very important part. As a result, we set up a special calibration laboratory where we use very high-end equipment calibration sources, such as Fluke 5500A, 5700, and some other machines. All our products are calibrated twice to ensure the accuracy.

Packaging and Shipping

After all the commissioning is completed, we can ensure that our products are ready to leave the factory. At this point, we will pack the goods according to the different packaging requirements of our customers and place them in the delivery area for booking and warehousing.

How Do We Control the Quality?

Firstly, we have a lot of design experience (almost 40 years since 1983), and we can avoid a lot of problems starting with the design of the circuit.

Secondly, we choose some parts suppliers who have been working with us for more than 10 years or even decades. We do not switch suppliers at will just to go with the lowest prices. Instead, we pay more attention to the tacit understanding and reliable quality of cooperation among our chosen suppliers. The quality of work and long-term partnerships and support is our top concerns.

Thirdly, we have a complete quality control system in strict accordance with IOS9001 standards, including IQC, IPQC, and OQC testing requirements. At present, all products have obtained CE certificates and satisfy BV and other global testing agencies.

All our products are tested three times. At the time of assembly, we perform an accuracy test on all products. Then, we send them to the calibration lab for a second calibration until all the products meet the factory conditions before we pack them. After packaging, our QC department will do a 10% sampling of the total quantity. If 30% of the product fails, the entire batch is sent back to the shop for reinspection.

What are the Differences Between All Our Digital Multimeters?

The biggest difference is the button design and the dial design. We can see that some digital multimeters use buttons while others use dials. This is their biggest difference. In addition, there are some functional differences; for instance, depending on the price of the product, their resolution and functions will be different. If you would like to learn more, you can consult our professional sales engineers, and they will make a detailed comparison table for you.

digital multimeter
digital multimeter
digital multimeter

What’s the Ultimate Distribute and Wholesale Price?

There is no strict price difference between distributors and wholesalers. It mainly depends on their quantity. We have a ladder quotation system for customers, with different order quantities resulting in different prices per unit. In addition, we can provide four units of free samples, preferably with your payment account number.

How to OEM or ODM for Our Products?

If we take a closer look at our multimeter production process, we can see that there are specific places where we can apply for ODM.

Our logos can be replaced with your company’s logo at a cost of $100 USD each. A license to use your brand is required. Our lead time for custom logos is approximately 10 days.

Custom colors are also available for the shells, which is a bit tricky because they can’t be produced in bulk. As a result, a minimum of 1,000 pieces is required per order, and the customer needs to provide the corresponding Pantone color number.

We will send the CRD or PDF file of the color box to the customer, and the customer will design the box and then do the proofing.

What Additional Support Can We Offer to Customers?

In general, we can provide the following services to our customers: We can take photos of the products, shoot some simple videos of the product in use, and provide factory videos and some certificates of the products.

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