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Top 10 digital multimeter brands in France

France is another leading country when it comes to multi-systems technology, network and communications innovation as well as in testing and measurement for R&D services. Hence, it is no wonder that some of the top digital multimeter brands have extended their headquarters in France. Nonetheless, it also does not fall short when it comes to home-grown French digital multimeter brands and this list notes some of them.
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Chauvin Arnoux

This one has to be the most reputable French brand in the world when it comes to testing and measurement devices. For more than 100 years, it has been a leading brand when it comes to testing and measurement in specific applications which include portable instrumentation, thermal processing, imaging, and scanning, as well as electrical equipment.

  • Location: Asnières-Sur-Seine – France
  • Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale trading, developer, design
  • Year founded: 1893
  • The number of employees: 500-1000
  • Main product: Testing and measurement devices and solutions
  • Other products: meteorological verification, calibration, pollution control


This brand is one of the pioneers of data acquisition solutions in Europe. Since then, they have diversified their brand, incorporating testers, multimeters and other electric measuring devices in their product line. While it is still a leading French brand, Sefram has long been acquired by the American brand BK Precision and designated it as its official European counterpart.

  • Location: Saint-Etienne, Loire
  • Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale trading
  • Year founded: 1947
  • The number of employees: 1000-5000
  • Main product: Appliance testers and multimeters
  • Other products: Data acquisition solutions


When it comes to reach, this digital multimeter brand is very visible as it distributes multimeters and thermometers to more than 30 countries including the US and in Europe such as in Russia, France, the Netherlands and Germany. They are generally on wholesale trade of electrical instruments which includes digital clamp meters and multimeters as well as scanning and diagnostic tools such as thermometers.

  • Location: China
  • Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale trade
  • Year founded: 1984
  • The number of employees: 100-200
  • Main product: digital multimeters, clamp meters
  • Other products: infrared thermometers


This one continues to be an independent industrial company in France with almost 30 subsidiary companies around the world. It was established in 1922 and have been a trusted brand when it comes to control and safety devices of low to high voltage electronic wares. It is mainly concentrated on electric services and solutions as well as switches and power converters.

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