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Exploring the Persistence Mode in Oscilloscopes: A Focus on ZOYI ZOTEK ZT-703S

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What is an Oscilloscope?

An oscilloscope is an indispensable tool in the field of electronic measurement. It’s primarily used to observe the changing signal voltages, graphically displaying electrical signals as waveforms. This reveals crucial details about signal frequency, amplitude, noise, and other features essential for diagnostics and analysis.

Understanding the Persistence Mode in Oscilloscopes

Persistence mode in oscilloscopes, such as the ZOYI ZOTEK ZT-703S, is crucial for observing and analyzing rapidly changing signals. In this mode, waveforms appear to linger on the screen, similar to the afterglow effect on traditional phosphor screens. This feature is particularly beneficial for discerning waveform changes and nuances, especially when signals change swiftly.

Applications of Persistence Mode in Detail

1. Diagnosing Signal Fluctuations in Power Supplies

  • Scenario: Testing of power supply circuits.
  • Use of Persistence Mode: Observing the stability of the power supply output.
  • Interpretation: Fluctuating or irregular patterns indicate instability or noise.
  • Resolution: Stabilize output by adjusting filtering components or voltage regulator parameters.

2. Analyzing Signal Integrity in High-Speed Digital Systems

  • Scenario: Working with high-speed digital signals, like in microcontrollers or FPGAs.
  • Use of Persistence Mode: Capturing and visualizing fast, transient signals.
  • Interpretation: Irregularities in waveform patterns signal integrity issues.
  • Resolution: Improve trace routing, shield against interference, or adjust termination.

3. Monitoring and Adjusting Signal Modulations in Communication Systems

  • Scenario: Fine-tuning signal modulations in communication equipment.
  • Use of Persistence Mode: Comparing the modulated signal against a standard waveform.
  • Interpretation: Deviations indicate improper modulation or synchronization issues.
  • Resolution: Adjust modulation parameters or synchronization settings.

Why Choose ZOYI ZOTEK ZT-703S for Persistence Applications

The ZOYI ZOTEK ZT-703S oscilloscope stands out for its dual-channel capability and three-in-one multimeter integration. It offers a 50MHz bandwidth and sampling rates up to 280MSa/s in high-speed mode, making it ideal for a wide range of measurements and analyses. The device’s user-friendly interface, robustness, and portability ensure it meets various working environment needs.

Its precision in multimeter functionality, with a 25000 count accuracy, and comprehensive measurement capabilities, including voltage, resistance, current, continuity, diode, frequency, and capacitance, make it an exceptional choice. Additionally, its rechargeable lithium battery, with a 3500mAh capacity, offers up to 6-7 hours of operation, adding to its convenience.


The ZOYI ZOTEK ZT-703S oscilloscope, with its advanced persistence mode, is a powerful tool for professionals requiring detailed and reliable signal analysis. Whether for high-frequency circuit testing, comparative signal analysis, or long-term signal trend monitoring, the ZT-703S provides the needed capabilities and flexibility for various applications. Its dual-channel feature and comprehensive multimeter functions further cement its status as a top choice for experts in the field.

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