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How to Choose a Reliable Handheld Oscilloscope Factory?

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The global demand for handheld oscilloscope multimeters is on the rise. Selecting the right factory partner is crucial for ensuring product quality and innovation. This article delves into how to select a reliable handheld oscilloscope factory, with a special focus on the advantages of partnering with ZOYI.

What is a Handheld Oscilloscope Multimeter?

A handheld oscilloscope multimeter is a multifunctional tool that combines traditional multimeter functions with advanced oscilloscope measurement capabilities. ZOYI’s ZT-702S model integrates these features, setting new industry standards with its innovative design and technology breakthroughs​​​​.

Unique Features of ZOYI’s Handheld Oscilloscope Multimeters

ZOYI’s ZT-702S is not just a multimeter; it symbolizes a technological innovation. Its dual injection process, user-friendly interface, and 2.8-inch full-angle IPS color screen make it excel in various measurement scenarios​​​​​​.

Choosing a Reliable Handheld Oscilloscope Factory

Choosing ZOYI as your handheld oscilloscope factory means selecting a partner with 40 years of industry experience and profound technical accumulation. ZOYI offers comprehensive solutions, from product design to quality control, reflecting its commitment to innovation and quality​​.

How to Obtain Samples and Start Cooperation

Starting a collaboration with ZOYI is straightforward. Contact the sales team (e.g., 1@zoyitools.com) to get a sample of the ZT-702S. Though there is a charge for the sample, it will be refunded in subsequent bulk orders, ensuring the value of your investment.

Payment and Shipping Procedures

Our payment process is designed to secure mutual benefits: 30% down payment and the balance before shipping. This arrangement ensures order stability and flexibility for our clients. Delivery times vary from 7 to 45 days depending on the order type, ensuring efficient delivery​​.

MOQ and Customization Options

Our MOQ is 100 units, but we also offer customization services. Whether it’s changing logos or the product color, we can meet your unique needs, though this may require additional fees and a higher MOQ.

After-Sales Support and Warranty

With ZOYI, you get a comprehensive one-year warranty. We promise to replace any product with quality issues directly, not just repair it, demonstrating our confidence in our product quality and customer service.

Exclusive Features or Services for B2B Clients

While new clients cannot immediately sign up for exclusive agency rights, we offer the opportunity for clients who reach an annual purchase amount of USD 2 million to become exclusive agents. This policy is designed to encourage and reward our long-term partners​​.

Compliance and Certifications

All our products are CE certified, including CE-EMC and CE-LVD certifications. This means our products meet high standards of quality and comply with international safety and environmental standards​​.


As your business partner, ZOYI is committed to providing the highest quality products and services. We sincerely invite global agents to cooperate with us in distributing ZOYI’s products, creating more business opportunities together.

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