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Six reasons for choosing ZOYI QB clamp meters

A tool that we must use in household repairs, circuit repairs, industrial equipment testing, and other large and small maintenance scenarios is a multimeter. In this era of dazzling products, how do choose a suitable clamp meter? This article will describe ZOYI QB Clamp Meter from 6 aspects and its convenience.
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Button design

There are only three buttons on the panel: “Power button / SEL button”; “Frequency / NCV” and “Data hold / Flashlight”. Imagine that if the tester wears thick gloves during the test, rotating the button will bring great inconvenience; in addition, such a fool-operate using method can get more ordinary users who are not very professional.  For example, when it comes to overhauling home appliances, you don’t have to worry about how to choose functions. Therefore, we always insisted on changing to the simplest button mode during the initial design. In addition, the placement of the buttons is also designed from the perspective of the user. The power/SEL button is used as the basic button, and the frequency/NCV button is used as the function button. We put these two buttons on the center of the panel so we can easily operate and switch functions momentarily. Instead, we put the flashlight/data hold a button on the right side of the panel for it is more convenient when you need to select data retention or turn on the flashlight when testing.

Switch functions Automatically

The QB clamp meter has two ways to switch functions automatically: long-press the power button for 2 seconds to switch to the current mode automatically. At this time, we can directly hold our clamp meter to test the current; when we test the voltage, we need to put in the test lead, when the test lead is inserted, the common port will cause a short circuit and turn to the voltage mode automatically. This design method protects the user’s safety from probes that are still inserted in the jacks after testing current and turn to test voltage. This is the exclusive design of ZOYI.

Current INRUSH and Voltage peak hold

Basically, the testing of current and voltage is the soul of the clamp meter  So whether these two functions are enough powerful is also constantly being explored by ZOYI. And it is very worthy of the user’s choice as a small clamp meter has both surge hold and peak hold. As a special feature, inrush test can capture the starting current, this current may be very large for a moment. Like the surge hold, the peak hold is a momentary reading of voltage that is too large and too fast. This is different from the MAX / MIN function. MAX / MIN function may not capture the too large current and voltage. Therefore, these two functions are very necessary when repairing some large machines.

Additional temperature measurement function

The functions of QB1 and QB3 are relatively basic. In the upgraded version of QB4, we added a temperature measurement function. We consider that this function will be very practical when repairing air conditioners.

Color stitching design

Nowadays, people consider not only a multimeter’s functions but also its appearance.  QB uses a unique stitching design, adding separate modules on both sides of the grip, using different colors to show the product’s Three-dimensional sense, such a color contrast can also attract users’ eyes. Additionally, with anti-skid design makes QB beautiful and practical.

Price advantage

With so many advantages and exclusive features, the price will be high? ZOYI will give you a surprise. Yes, we have so many excellent innovations and user experiences with strong functions and design. Our products are still one of the most cost-effective products. How can such a QB be missed? We are manufacturer and creator, we always think from the perspective of users, we are not short of creativity, we are not short of orders, we have been moving forward, we have been thinking, we won’t stop at QB, ZOYI has more mystery is waiting for you to discover.

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