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The Most Comprehensive Explanation: The Differences Between ZOYI and ZOTEK, and ZOTEK’s 40-Year Journey

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Understanding ZOYI and ZOTEK: Brands and Origins

Many are often confused about the relationship between ZOYI and ZOTEK, perceiving their products to be identical yet under different brand names. To clarify, ZOTEK is the company’s name, formally known as ZOTEK Instruments Co., Ltd., and ZOYI is one of its leading brands under which ZOTEK markets its products.

The founding of ZOTEK can be traced back to the combined efforts of Mr. Li Hong and his son, Mr. Li Xin. This journey involves a lengthy and fascinating story of persistence and innovation.

The Early Days of Founder Li Hong

The tale begins in the late 1970s when Mr. Li Hong took charge of the Guiyang Radio Factory No.2. The factory was tasked by the state with a significant project: to develop and manufacture China’s own digital multimeters. After years of intensive research, in 1983, the first production line for digital multimeters was established, producing the now world-famous DT830 model. This model remains one of the most popular multimeters globally. The development process was challenging, with every component being meticulously sourced in an era devoid of advanced communication technology.

In 1984, the factory introduced a new production line for digital clamp meters, producing the model DT266, another highly popular meter to this day.

Innovations and Expansions in the 1990s

The story took a turn in 1992 when Mr. Li Hong, not content with just importing foreign technology, aimed to design and manufacture multimeters indigenous to China. At a time when radios were the rage, he innovated by integrating voice reporting into multimeters, leading to the creation of the DT468S – a voice reporting digital multimeter that became an instant hit.

In 1993, foreseeing the future of multimeters, Mr. Li Hong developed a dual-function multimeter combining analog and digital displays, which was another market success.

A Milestone Year: 1997

The year 1997 marked a pivotal moment in the history of multimeters globally. That year, Taiwan’s Fortune Semiconductor, aiming to develop auto-ranging chips for digital multimeters, collaborated with Mr. Li Hong. This partnership resulted in the creation of the FS9721 chip, a highly stable auto-ranging chip used even in Fluke’s 17 series to this day. This innovation significantly reduced the cost of auto-ranging multimeters, making them accessible to a broader audience.

In 1999, leveraging the FS9721 chip, the first auto-ranging digital multimeter NB4000P was produced.

Continuous Innovations and the Birth of ZOTEK

Mr. Li Hong’s relentless pursuit of innovation continued into the 2000s. In 2006, he developed the NB201, a user-friendly, automatic multimeter, a concept far ahead of its time. Although initially not meeting sales expectations due to its advanced nature, it set the stage for the future popularity of such devices.

The Revolutionary Leap in 2011

2011 was a year of significant change in the multimeter chip industry. Taiwan’s Hycontek ventured into incorporating MCU (Microcontroller Unit) into multimeter chips. Their collaboration with Mr. Li Hong led to the development of customizable multimeter chips, allowing manufacturers to tailor products to specific needs.

Leveraging years of experience and modern management practices, ZOTEK Instruments was established in 2015, marking a new chapter in the multimeter industry.

ZOTEK’s Global Presence and Facilities

ZOTEK’s headquarters, located in Bao’an, Shenzhen, covers 4000 square meters and houses over 100 employees. It serves as the central hub for R&D, production, procurement, and sales. In 2023, ZOTEK reported an impressive annual revenue of around 10 million USD.

The Guiyang branch, situated in Huadu District, Guizhou, spans 2000 square meters and employs over 20 staff members. It focuses on production, SMT, BOLDING, INJECTION, and ASSEMBLY.

Why Choose ZOYI?

ZOYI stands out for its extensive 40-year industry experience encompassing design, R&D, PCB, innovation, and quality management, ensuring top-notch product quality from the ground up.

State-of-the-Art Equipment: ZOYI prides itself on having its own injection molding machines and surface-mount technology, ensuring consistent quality control.

Versatile and Robust Product Line: Annually producing over a million units, ZOYI supports OBM, ODM, and OEM models. The brand has garnered widespread recognition through influencer marketing, helping more people discover and understand ZOYI’s offerings. The team includes circuit design engineers, exterior design engineers, software engineers, and packaging engineers. ZOYI also boasts over 60 design patents and 20 utility patents.

Commitment to Quality: ZOYI adheres strictly to IOS9001 standards, incorporating comprehensive quality control measures including IQC, IPQC, and OQC. All products are CE certified and meet global testing standards set by organizations like IPC-Association and ISO 9001: 2015.

ZOYI is actively seeking more distributors to join their network, offering competitive pricing, assured after-sales service, and prompt delivery. The goal is to work together towards greater profitability and success.

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