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What’s the difference between ZOYI&ZOTEK ZT-702S and ZT-703S?

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Many people are puzzled why ZOYI released the ZT-702s and ZT-703s within a year of each other. Why not release them together to offer consumers more choices? The answer is, that ZOYI has been in the multimeter industry for 40 years, and it was not until 2019 that we initiated our handheld oscilloscope project. After three to four years of continuous research and development, we finally perfected the functionality of the single-channel handheld oscilloscope ZT-702s and commenced mass production at the beginning of 2023.

Throughout 2023, we were also testing the dual-channel handheld oscilloscope ZT-703s. However, it did not meet our standards for mass production. We always prioritize quality over sales, and we wanted to refine the product further. Nonetheless, we must admit that the complexity of the dual-channel system exceeded our expectations, and we were unable to release the product simultaneously. Therefore, nearly a year after the launch of the ZT-702s, we finally started production of the ZT-703s. Many are curious about the differences between the ZT-702s and ZT-703s. Today, I will clarify these differences.

Let’s compare the two models in terms of product appearance, functionality, battery life, application scenarios, and price.

Product Appearance

1.1 The most noticeable difference is the channel count; the ZT-703s has dual channels, while the ZT-702s has a single channel.

1.2 The ZT-702s has a 2.8-inch screen, whereas the ZT-703s has a 3.5-inch screen, both featuring IPS full-color displays.

1.3 The ZT-702s weighs 345g, and the ZT-703s is slightly heavier at 380g, with both having dimensions of 117*89*40mm.

1.4 Both are made of ABS+TPE materials, offering excellent portability and durability to meet various working environment demands.

Product Functionality

2.1 Oscilloscope Features:

  1. Bandwidth: The ZT-702s has a bandwidth of 10MHz, while the ZT-703s offers 50MHz.
  2. Sampling Rate: The ZT-702s samples at 48MSa/s. The ZT-703s has a normal mode sampling rate of 200MSa/s and a high-speed mode of 280MSa/s.
  3. New Features on ZT-703S:
    1. XY Display Mode: On the ZT-703s, we’ve added an XY display mode for visualizing signal relationships through Lissajous figures.
    2. Persistence Mode: Selectable persistence durations for capturing fast-changing or superimposed multiple signals, useful in digital signal analysis, communication signal analysis, and educational research.
    3. Format Function: Directly clear saved waveform images.
    4. Backlight Duration Adjustment: Choose from four backlight durations.
    5. Cursor Measurement Function: Isolate and measure specific waveform segments for amplitude or time measurements.

2.2 Multimeter Features:

  1. Accuracy: The ZT-702s measures with 9999 counts of precision, while the ZT-703s measures with 25000 counts.
  2. Measurement Functions: The ZT-702s measures AC/DC voltage and current, continuity, resistance, diode, capacitance, and temperature. The ZT-703s does not measure temperature and does not include a temperature probe in its packaging.

2.3 Signal Generator Function

  1. The ZT-703s adds a signal generator capable of producing six different waveforms: sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, half-wave, and full-wave. The ZT-702s does not have this feature.

Battery Life

The ZT-702s has a 2000mAh battery lasting about 3-4 hours, while the ZT-703s has a 3500mAh battery lasting about 6-7 hours. Note that charging issues with the ZT-702s often stem from using a charger with insufficient power output. If you encounter charging difficulties, please use a higher-powered charger (output power greater than 5W).

Application Scenarios

The ZT-702s, with its basic features and excellent value for money, is ideal for everyday use and basic educational settings. The ZT-703s, with its dual-channel design and higher bandwidth, is more suitable for professional electronic engineers and more complex testing environments. Examples include:

4.1 High Bandwidth Applications:

  1. High-frequency circuit testing, audio and video processing, and digital signal processing.
  2. High Sampling Rate Applications: Capturing fast-changing waveforms, testing high-speed serial interfaces, and pulse analysis.
  3. Dual-Channel Applications: Phase contrast and delay measurements, differential signal measurements, and interactive signal comparisons.


The ZT-703s is priced higher than the ZT-702s, but this is justified by the significant upgrades and feature enhancements. The official prices are $69.99 for the ZT-702s and $99.99 for the ZT-703s, including oscilloscope probes and global free shipping (taxes not included for Europe). Additionally, we currently offer a 16-piece measurement probe set and a 2-year warranty for purchases made on our independent brand site. ($5 COUPON FOR NEW USERS)

These are the main differences between the ZT-702s and ZT-703s. ZOYI has been committed to creating efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective instruments for global users since 1983, and we appreciate your support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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